Material life means sex. People work hard all day in order to have a little sex at night. In the material world, everyone is suffering from the sharp arrow of Cupid. Madana, Cupid, shoots his arrow into men and women to make them mad after one another; however, when one actually sees Krishna, he sees Madana-Mohana, the charmer of Cupid. Then one is no longer pierced by Cupid’s arrow. This means that one actually becomes fearless. One can then enter into bhakti-yoga and renounce this material world. According to the sastras, there is sreyas and preyas. Sreyas is the ultimate goal. We should act in such a way that ultimately we will become happy. However, if we want immediate happiness and disregard the future, we want preyas. Preyas is for unintelligent people and children. A child enjoys playing all day; he does not want to be sent to school to be educated. Education is sreyas, the ultimate goal. No one is interested in this. The sastras instruct us to aim for sreyas and not be captivated by preyas. The supreme sreyas is bhakti-yoga.

Source: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (2007 edition), “Teachings of Lord Kapila, The Son of Devahuti”, Page 251

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